Our Story

Hello, welcome to Luke McDonald Videography and Photography

We are a self-made and self-run business. We are made up of a team of two people, Luke McDonald and Luke Helm. We are students trying to pursue a field we love. We work at an affordable rate to help sty financially sound, but also because photography is something we really enjoy.

Luke McDonald is our head photographer and editor along with the face for our business. Luke Helm is more of our behind the scenes tech guy, he fixes equipment and does a lot of background work. As former baseball teammates, we work well with each other, and our skills complement each other well making us an awesome team. 

Photography is a wonderful creative outlet and it is so fun to pull the stress away from schooling and all of the things that make life difficult. It is important to enjoy what you do, so you can always give top quality work and that is exactly what we strive for. When deciding what type of business we wanted to start we decided to do photography because we enjoy it so much and that will make our work that much better. 

We are hoping doing all this work at this age will help set us up for success in the future. We are learning new things daily and are being provided with a foundation for our future to set us up for the most possible success. All hard work pays off and we just decided to work hard early to bring a better future for us and our families. Thinking ahead we are excited to continue working on this business and many other projects to grow and grow.

Thank you for choosing Luke McDonald Videography and we can not wait to work with you!