Luke Helm


          Hello, My name is Luke Helm. Although I do not currently own an official business, I offer many different services for a much more affordable cost compared to competitors. 


          I am currently working to finish my school career while balancing baseball, and many other activities including helping to lead a Christian club at school.

         I am interested in many aspects of technology and the future of the tech world. In the future, I wish to become an engineer. On the side, I would like to keep my photography, videography, repairs, and other assistance going.


In today's age, technology is so easily breakable, but it is very difficult to repair. When you take it to a repair shop, prices are extremely expensive. It is near impossible to find affordable, reliable tech repairs. I offer that reliable yet affordable tech repair for phones, computers, drones, or anything you have that needs a repair.

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Tech Repairs

Photos and Videos

Photography is expensive, there is no doubt about that. But the fact is it does not have to be. I offer affordable photos and videos that are extremely high quality and are perfect for any occasion. Whatever photography or videography job you have, I can do it. Please reach out to me with your job and I will get back to you with a free estimate.

Social Media

Social networking is hard. Companies make it difficult for you to have a good account without effort. To make your company or personal account on any platform visible, it takes work. Whether you need to advertise on TikTok, or showcase your content on YouTube, I can make your work visible and good looking. Call today for a free estimate.

It is hard to showcase everything on one page, but I can do anything from building websites to building something physical. If you need help with anything, moving into a new house, yard work, new website, or anything you can think of, please reach out and I will do my best to help out. Please contact me with any questions or a quote for your job!

Other Service

My Information

Phone: (505) 382-2787


Twitter: @LukeHelm_24

YouTube: Luke Helm

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